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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Award & a Tag

Thanks a ton Kalpana for your awards!

And now the TAG! My first tag, so to say ! As I keep putting the tags aside and conveniently forget about them! So this time I thought I will take up the tag here goes my number tag!

1 : My one and only one Princess! My daughter AD..

2 : We are 2 sisters...Mydarlin baby sister, though all grown up with a career of her own, is still a baby to me

3 : My AD's age....she's all of three and going on 13!!!

4 : Members in our family photograph till I tied the knot! ;))

5 : The essential Paanch (5) Phoron in my kitchen! The ubiquitous Bengali spice Paanch Phoron consists of 5 spices - Nigella seeds (Kalo jeera), Fenugreek seeds (Methi), Fennel Seeds (Saunf/Mouri), Cumin Seeds(Jeera), Wild Celery seeds (Radhuni)

6 : My years with SD.... a heady concoction spiced with love, squabbles, temper, friendship and garnished with fun and fights, laughter and tears!

7 : The number of years I have spent away from my hometown after starting my career!

8 : The time in the morning when I finish my morning cuppa and start getting ready for the day!

9 : The number of kilograms I have put on since AD was born!! :(((((

10: At night it's Dinner time for us!! :)))

I would like to pass on the awards and the tag to RINKU, SUDESHNA, YASMEEN & SHARMILIA.


Yasmeen said...

Dinner at 10?,even my parents eat so late.I wonder when you sleep?:).I'm very bad in following up with tags,hope to pass this one.thanks for passing the lovely awards to me,SGD:)

Sharmila said...

Loved reading your tag SGD. Even am very bad at tags. But thanks for thinking of me anyway. :-)
Congrats on the awards. :-)

kalpana said...

Interesting to read yours sgd! wasn't that fun to do ?:)

SGD said...

@Yasmeen - Dinner @ 10 is our earliest time...sometimes it's as late as 11pm!!!!!
Oh I'm nocturnal, you know ;)))

@Sharmila - Thanks...I too am very lazy with tags...still have two/three pending. But this one OK!

@Kalpana-Thanks. It least I didnt keep putting it of!! ;))