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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chicken garnished with Sesame-seed-speckled Capsicum

Surprise in the fridge!
The weekend was near and the fridge almost empty. And I had resigned myself to a dinner of dal, cabbage and rice. Even the stock of eggs was dwindling to one....quite a sad affair indeed! (Yes! I am a shamelessly unrepentant carnivore!!)
Just as I was about to close the freezer door shut after having opened it out of sheer habit, saw a little flash of red lid peeping from behind the big packets of frozen peas and sweet kernels. The mood perked up and a quick shuffle and it was a red lidded box of marinated chicken breasts which I had completely forgotten about. I had marinated the meat in my perennial marination of lemon-salt-pepper-ginger-garlic and there it was sitting pretty in the freezer waiting to be discovered!

Chicken breasts - 500 gms
Lemon juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons
Ginger-garlic paste - 1tbsp
Bay leaf - 1
Sliced Garlic cloves - 4-5 cloves
diced onions -1
diced capsicum
Worcestershire  sauce - 1.5-2 tbspn
White sesame seed (added as an afterthought!)
Potatoes diced - 1 large (optional...I'd added to add volume)
Olive Oil - 2 tbsp

1. Marinate the chicken breasts in lemon juice + salt + pepper + ginger-garlic paste for a couple of hours. Though I had marinated or rather marinated and forgotten about it for more than 3 days.;)
2. Heat  oil in a wok. Temper with the Bay leaf.
3. Add the potatoes.
4. Add the diced onions and sprinkle some sugar on it for colour. Fry on high heat and keep stirring
5. Throw in the chopped garlic.keep stirring
6. Add the marinated chicken after cutting them into small pieces. Cook on high heat.Since it was in the marination for so long, the meat is very tender and takes very less time to cook.
7. Add some pepper powder, followed by Worcestershire  sauce. Toss around and keep stir frying.

8. Just as I was about to add the diced capsicum, an idead struck and I took out my tawa, put it on flame, threw the capsicum and tossed them around to dry roast. As a final touch of brainwave, threw in a tablespoon or two of white sesame seeds into the tawa and roasted till they were crisp and pale golden.

9. Now garnish the chicken with the dry roasted capsicum and white sesame seeds.

10. Finally throw in some green chilies and garnish with coriander leaves.


Rinku said...

This looks so pretty and sounds delicious. Funny, I was looking at seasame seeds myself today.

ANU said...

my first time here...
very nice space and yummy recipes....

Happy to follow you...

chk out my space too:

Diana said...
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Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

Hey dear first time here..u hv a bful blog with stunning pics..wonder how I missed it...
Anyways would love to hear a word from u too...
this looks delicious..any leftovers pls.?..Yummo
Following u..

SGD said...

@Rinku-Thanks....Green gives a fresh touch to food, doesnt it?
We seem to be on a telepathy spree...first thor & now sesame seeds.. :))

@Anu & Sanyukta - Thanks so much!!

Hirak said...

I always like the way you present the recipe.... it is always interesting to read.... seasame seed er bangla ta ki?... chobi dekhe bujhte parchi na...

Santanu said...

WOW! It look really nice.


SGD said...

@HR-Thank you! :)
white Sesame seed - 'shaada til'

hirak said...

ore baba.. thik ache...thanks... til abar shada o hoy...

SGD said...

Thanks Santanu

Anonymous said...

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indira mukerjee (ইন্দিরা মুখার্জি) said...

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