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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mushroom & (Pan) Roasted Broccoli Soup

Realised (seeing the date of my last post) that I'm posting after a year! Most of the times, the urge of posting has been pushed to the backburner, was due to lack of photographs! Several posts are gathering dust in the drafts for want of pictures ...

Managed to click a few quick pics and hence this post happened....and hopefully a few more will follow too!

Ingredients (yielded 4 soup bowls of soup)
Broccoli - 1 small - cut into small florets
White button mushrooms - 250 gms
Milk - 750 ml - boiled and lukewarm
Onion - 1/2 , finely chopped 
garlic cloves - 2-3, chopped.
Bay leaaf - 1 (optional)
Butter / Oil
grated processed cheddar for garnishing
Salt  & Pepper
Chili flakes - optional
crushed dried oregano leaves - optional
salt - I used rock/black salt (beet noon/kaala namak)

Procedure :
1. In a thick bottomed wok/kadai, pan roast (I used butter) the broccoli florets alternating between medium-to-high heat. Season with rock salt and freshly crushed pepper. Roast till the brocolli has a nice brownish speckles all over. Keep aside and let it cool.
2. Again in the wok,  heat butter / oil, and add the cleaned and halved mushroom and cook till water starts oozing out. sprinkle (black)salt and pepper while cooking. Take it off the gas before the water dries off.
3. Blend the roasted broccoli & fried mushrooms.
4. Again in the wok, add a tbsp of butter, add the bay leaf, some chopped onion and garlic and crushed pepper and a pinch of sugar for caramelisation (that's the bong in me!!) fry till the onions are golden brown. 
5. Add the blended broc-mush paste. Stir well. Check for salt and add if needed. 
6. Now to liquefy, on low heat, add the milk while stirring continuously till you get the desired thickness of your soup. Cover and bring to a boil.
7. Sprinkle chili flakes and crushed dried oregano leaves .
8. Serve after garnishing with grated cheese.

Yummy on a damp rainy evening!!

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Arpita said...

Roasted Broccoli ??? That sounds tasty & healthy! and simple too. Will give it a try

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