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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cooking Her Own Harvest...

Alu Chaat (Spicy Potato Salad)

 My 7 year old was back from an outing to a vegetable farm! She was super excited and her most prized possession for the day was her precious bag full of fresh potatoes, other vegetables & cotton which she'd picked up / harvested herself! And she proclaimed that SHE & ONLY SHE would cook the potatoes and serve us!

And what would that be? Super confident after her debut as a masterchef just the week before with nothing less than SCRAMBLED EGGS, she proclaimed ALU CHAAT!!! I did a mental somersault in joy, thanking my lucky stars that she hadnt been too ambitious and opted for other lofty dishes!!!

So the potato harvester's recipe of Alu Chaat...

Ingredients for :

A) Potato Mash
8 medium-large sized potatoes
A bowl of Chhole - luckily it was readily available at home as when she announced her culinary plans for the day, the overnight soaked Kabuli Chana had been pressure cooked for our breakfast of Chana Masala!
very finely chopped onions - 1-2
rock salt
roasted jeera powder
chili flakes
Chaat masala
chopped green chilies (was not added today...for obvious reasons ;))
Chopped coriander

B) Tamarind chutney/water
2 tbsp of readymade tamarind paste or a 2" dia ball of tamarind soaked in water and made into a pulp
rock salt

roasted jeera powder
chili flakes
chaat masala
sugar - a little
a mug of water

Procedure :
1. Wash and pressure cook the potatoes after halving/quartering them. 2 whistles are enough. 
2. While the potatoes are being boiled, prepare the tamaring water (tetul jol/imli paani) by mixing all the ingredients under "B" with water.
3.Now coming back to the potatoes....Cool, dunk in cold water and peel the skin. Mash with hand or masher.
4. Mix the mashed potatoes with all ingredients (except chopped coriander) under "A".
5. Add the tamarind water / tetul jol to make a moist  spicy potato mash. Taste and adjust the other spices if required. 
6. Garnish with sev bhujia / crushed phuchka/paani puri's puri / cornflakes and then finally with chopped coriander leaves

The yummilicious ALU CHAAT was ready!! And what made it yummier was the fact that it was harvested and prepared (fully) by my little lady!


Rinku said...

Absolutely beautiful! What lovely pictures.

Kichu Khonn said...

Oma ki mishti meye tomar! Worthy daughter of a food blogger ... all the best to the little chef and expert! :-)