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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shrimp Spaghetti with Basil, Mushroom , Tomato

With no respite from continuous week long rain, the fridge was a medley of a bit of this and a bite of that....1/2 a packet of cleaned and deveined Shrimp in the freezer, 8-10 cherry tomatoes, a bowl of sauteed (in butter) mushrooms and a handful of basil leaves lying in the fridge. Bored of khichdi, phyana bhaat, thought of assembling all these bits and pieces and making my girl's favorite spaghetti.

Easy, quick and tasty.

Ingredients :
Spaghetti - 500gms
Shrimps (cleaned and de-veined)- about 400-500gms.
Mushrooms - about 200 gms halved and sauteed in butter & pepper
Cherry tomatoes - 8-10. halved some. Kept some whole
3 large tomatoes - chopped
1 medium sized onion - finely chopped
Garlic cloves - 5-6
Whole dried red chili - 2 -3 chopped into small pieces
Chili flakes made of homemade dry roasted whole red chilies
roasted cumin powder - a pinch
Pinch of sugar
Grated cheese (used processed cheddar)
Olive oil

Procedure :
1. Cook the spaghetti for 5-7 minutes in a pot (by added oil and salt to the water). Retain the water after draining the spaghetti.

2. Heat oil in a wok. Add the chopped whole dry red chilies , chopped onion and minced garlic to the heated oil.

3. Once the onion is light pink & translucent, add the shrimps and fry till light pink. Add salt and pepper.

4. Add chopped tomatoes and some of the halved cherry tomatoes into the kadhai/wok.Let the tomatoes cook on medium heat after adding salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. Once the tomatoes are mushy add some of the water of retained after boiling the spaghetti. Cover and cook for a couple of minutes.

5. Add the mushrooms followed by half the basil leaves (torn/cut into small pieces). Add a pinch of roasted jeera / cumin powder, followed by chili flakes and pepper. Give a stir. Add some more water if needed.

6. Now add the boiled spaghetti and toss it around to coat it with the sauce. Now add the whole cherry tomatoes. Check the salt & spice level.

7. Garnish with basil leaves and grated cheese (Cheddar)

Spaghetti is ready to be served.

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