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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mouri Parshey

(Parshey Fish in a Fennel based gravy)

Parshey is SD’s favourite and everytime the fish is available in the Sunday Fish Market, it would be bought and brought home!
And on most occasions, I make it in the simplest method using kalojeera, shorshe bata etc et…
Today after having marinated (in salt & turmeric paste) for 5-10 minutes and lightly frying the fish, just as I was about to pour oil for proceeding with the gravy, I wondered why not try something different! I dug into my bookshelf and pulled out an almost unused book I’d bought years ago….. ‘Moner Moto Ranna-Sananda Sankalan(A compilation of recipes by Sananda…a Bengali women’s Magazine)
Searching for Parshey, I found an uncommon yet easy recipe where I had at home ALL the ingredients!
So here goes the recipe which was for 4 Parshey (I presume they were BIG sized ones). Since I had 500gm of small sized Parshey, I modified the quantities accordingly…..
Ingredients :
1. Small Parshey Fish – 500gm
2. Fennel paste – 2 tbsp ( I used 2 tbsp fennel seeds)
3. Green Chili paste – 1 tbsp (I used 2 long green chillies)
4. Ginger Paste – 1 tbsp
5. Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
6. Red chilli powder – ½ tsp
7. Kashmiri chili powder – ½ tsp
8. Plain curd – 1 cup (160ml)
9. Salt – to taste
10. Sugar – ½ tsp
11. Tej Patta -2
12. Fenugreek (Methi) – ½ tsp
13. Dry red chili (whole) – 2
14. Mustard Oil – 4-5 tbsp
Procedure :
1.Tossed the cleaned fish in a tsp of Turmeric & pinch of salt and lightly fried them and kept aside
2. I used my small chutney jar to make a moist paste with the fennel seed & green chilli
3. I took the plain curd and added the fennel (mouri) + green chilli paste and other ingredients given at Sl.Nos 4-10 (of ingredients). Mixed the curd and masala to a smooth paste.
4. In a wok poured the oil and once hot, seasoned with Tej pata, Whole Dry red chilies and methi.
5. I added the curd & masala mix and fried it well till the oil had separated from the masala.
6. Added the fried Fish and sprinkled about ½ bowl of water. Covered it and cooked for abt 5 minutes (or till it comes to a boil) on medium flame. The gravy should be thick. Garnish with a few slit green chilies.
Serve it witn hot steamed rice!!!

This is my 2nd entry to the Blog event ''THINK SPICE:THINK TURMERIC", hosted for Nov '09 by Sudeshna of COOK LIKE A BONG and the Think Spice event is the brainchild of Sunita of Sunita's World .
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Sudeshna said...

Thank you so much for the lovely recipe, its so different but easy.

Sharmila said...

Amar bhaater plate ta chai, Sananda ta chai, bhaja maacher plate tao chai ... debe Sharmistha? :-)
Mouri diye kokhono kichu try korini ... tomar recipe dekhe ebar korte hobe. :-)

indira mukerjee (ইন্দিরা মুখার্জি) said...

khub bhalo ar natun dharoner Parshe macher recipe pelam...ami to usually mustardpaste ar dhone pata ar green chilly diye normal jhal banai.
Thanks for sharing!
Bhalo theko

HR said...

amar parshe bhaja gulo dekhe jibe jawl eshe jacche... ar jhol ta kawta tasty hoyecche andaj korte parchi na...

Tina said...

Its completely a new recipe to me..Yummy.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sharmistha
This is really great, very nicely engineered and executed.
Mangso prochur rendhechhi mouri sukno ada diye...Machh kakhono sunini.
Dekhi kal CR park-e Parse pai kina ...tyangra ekhono ana hoe ni.
Kolkata-e Tel-Koi ar Parse-sorse khelam anek din par..:-)

Have a nice weekend

Malar Gandhi said...

Hi, I am a die hard fan of whole fish, small something like this with skin-on, bone-in...loved your gravy...sounds very aromatic. The pictures are very tempting too. But I hardly find fish here.:(

Sucharita Sarkar said...

This seems to be very interesting variation. Parshe is one of our staples also. Will definitely try this one. BTW, why are you not posting on your other blog for a long while now?

The Little Teochew said...

Oh wow. The fried fish looked good enough to eat on their own! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love how you summed up your food in your blog header - REAL, everyday food ... done well :)


SGD said...'s easy yet different ! That's why I liked the recipe...

@Sharmila-Chole esho Hyd...shob debo!!! ;))
Ami mouri phoron diye er aage alur dom & mixed fruit chutney korechhi. Kintu parshe maachh ei prothom!

@Indira M-Amio shebhabei kortam...glad you liked it!

@HR-Ha ha ha!!!

@Tina-Thanks Tina!

@Ushnish G-Thanks so much!

SGD said...

@Malar G-I too love small fish...the taste is awesome!
I visited your blog & loved it....

@Sucharita-Thanks so much...just not getting time to sit at a stretch, think & write (ok type!;)) which are all essential for the other blog!
This is simpler if the photos are clicked! ;))))

Little teochew-loved your profile name & your blog! And thanks for your words of appreciation!!

Anonymous said...

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Ushnish Ghosh said...

Ei recipe ta bhulei giyechhilam ..real miss...must try soon

Antara Roy said...

I tried this today. Tobe noida te bhalo parshe pelam na.. But bor kheye darun boleche.

Sharmistha Guha said...

@Antara - khub bhalo laaglo shune .. ei recipe ta simple yet different.