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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A simple stir fry

This, I guess, is too simple a dish, to be posted.
But it tasted just great and my 4 yr old couldnt stop having it(which to me or for that matter, to any Mom, is the greatest compliment as a cook!) I thought...why not post it!!

Just a slight problem....there had been no photography session of ingredients, in-process activities and end product! I had to make do with clicking the leftovers!!

Here goes the recipe..

Ingredients : **
Button mushrooms - around 10-12, sliced
Cauliflower - 1 medium size cut into small florets
Sweet corn kernel - a handful
Peas - again a handful
Onions - finely sliced
Pepper corns - crushed
Garlic - 3 to 4 pods sliced
Cheese - 2 small cubes of processed cheese - grated
Oregano-chilli mix - a dash
Chili flakes - 1/2 tsp (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil/ Butter

**-any vegetables like carrots, beans, brocolli, spring onions, capsicum etc etc & chicken pieces/sausages may be added to make it taste even better!

Procedure :
1. Slice the mushrooms after rinsing them well & patting them dry
2.Cut the cauliflower into medium/small florets and blanch them in salt water
3. Also blanch the sweet corn kernel & peas (I had used frozen ones)
4. In a wok pour 1 tbsp oil/butter. When hot, add the crushed pepper corns and sliced garlic.
5.When the garlic slices are golden in colour, add the mushrooms and sprinkle some salt. Fry in high heat till the water generated dries off and the mushroom is beginning to turn crisp. Keep it aside.
6.In the wok, heat 2 tbsp of oil/butter. Add the sliced onions and fry till they are translucent. Add the blanched cauliflowers and fry in medium to high heat. Add salt.
7. Throw the sweet cornkernels and peas into the wok and continue stirring. Add a dash of chili flakes
8.Add the fried mushrooms and stir it around a couple of times.
9.Now transfer the contents into an oven proof dish. garnish with the grated cheese and sprinkle a dash of the oregano-chili mix.
10. Put it in the Oven in grill mode for 7-10 minutes.(maybe less depending on the oven)

Enjoy !!!!

This recipe is off to 'Fast & Quick Healthy Dishes - Guest hosted by Kalpana Sareesh of Life with Spices, on behalf of Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes


Rush said...

awesome...i have been pestering Sharmi for a stir fry recipe and u come up with one...awesome, will try this today but without cheese and let u kno soon :)

Pavithra said...

Awesome recipe and looks great.

Malar Gandhi said...

SOunds Awesome, looks appealing...nice picture too:)

Tina said...

Sounds great....yummyyy

HR said...

grilled... daroon...

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sharmistha
Great dish!!! in my limited experience in kitchen, I can say, so called simple dishes, particularly the stir fried ones, are one of the toughest dishes to make.I likeed your use of Processed cheese and that dash of oregano...hmm I can get the aroma now.
I recall, once I was learning stir frying business in Kuala Lumpur, on a Sunday, from a an expert.I made such a mess that he was about to hit me..but I guess he realized at the last moment, his daughter was a trainee engineer under me ...:-)
Happy cooking

Indrani said...

must be yummy with always get the right compliment from kids and you got it

Indrani said...

sharmistha, tomar ma er kach theke karai dal e chingri r recipe ta niye post koro kintu..never heard of it but sounds lovely

SGD said...

@Rush-so glad you liked it! You're a grill Queen with your fantafabulous grill recipes....I once tried your grilled mushroom friedrice. It turned out fine. But the texture of a charcoal grill cant be replicated in an electric one! :(

SGD said...

@Pavithra,@Malar G, @Tina, @ HR - Thanks so much!!!

@Ushnish G-Apnar r limited experience!!!! Eta to churanto modesty!!!
Meyer Boss petano...bhaggish bhodroloker last moment e akkel hoyechhilo!!! ha ha ha!!

@Indrani-Thanks...shiggiri kolai daal ta shikhbo, korbo & post o korbo!!

sangeeta said...

great blog !!
Ushnish's recommendation has to be so..will come back to all of your posts soon..

SGD said...

@Sangeeta-thanks so much!