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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheesy Mixed Veggies

I'm a diehard carnivore! Ma spent most of my growing up years devising ways and strategies to make me eat vegetables. Now I'm on the other side of the fence and though AD is not as bad as me when it comes to veggies, there are times when the usual dal-sabzi gets boring and tedious. So this is just a small improvisation...not authentic veggie au gratin (SD's triglyceride would shoot up with more than a moderate quantity of got to be careful!), neither the same old boring mixed vegetable. This is easy to cook and is a dish that has never really failed me...So here goes the moderated version of vegetable au-gratin with a personal touch!

-Carrot, Beans, Potato - diced and blanched. (Broccoli may be added, cut into small florets. But I didnt have any in my fridge today.)
-Baby Onions - whole: 1 bowl (1 bowl measure = 250ml)
-Freshly ground pepper-1-2 tbsp
-Oregano powder - 1tspn
-Chilli flakes - 1tspn (Optional)
-Grated Cheese (today I used one 25gm cube but the more it is, the tastier the end product would be!)
-Baby corn sliced - 1/2 bowl
-Capsicum diced - 1/2 bowl
-Butter / Oil : 3tbsp
-Salt to taste

Procedure :
1. First saute the diced capsicum & sliced babycorn in some butter/oil in a non-stick frying Pan. Sprinkle a pinch of salt, freshly crushed pepper and if you like it hot, some chilly flakes. Keep this aside

2.In a wok take butter/oil and when hot, add the baby onions. Lightly fry till they turn translucent.
3.Add the Blanched vegetables. Stir well.
4.Add salt, freshly crushed pepper, chilly flakes, oregano and mix well.
5. Stir but not too vigorously as the veggies will melt. Cook on medium to high flame.
6. Finally add the grated cheese. Mix well. And sprinkle one final pinch of pepper.
7.Garnish with the sauted capsicum+babycorn
8.Ready to eat!\

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