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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cook A Doodle Do

Cook a doodle do!
Life is nothing but a stew....
Of pleasure and pain,
The Sun and the rain,
Sometimes sweet and often sour too.
So my
whims & wishes, and the typical cliches...
(Of the men & their tummies
Filled with things yummy
Which so melt their hearts)
Compel me to make some tarts.
Then again, when I'm in the mood for some weight gain
I bake a cake, or make some sinful milk shake
Or just take a break, go out and have a grilled steak!

Well this is my own space, to talk about my culinary taste,
Some recipes of mine or something more refined.
So come, have a look, see if I can cook.
Would love you to write back, to tell me where I lack;
Or a kind word or two of praise, which I would love too.....


Anonymous said...

Author's maiden attepmt to write verse appears to be a success. As far as I know , it is difficult to compose rhymes unles you have strong vocabulory base and adept in using like sound words at the end of each sentence of the poem.
The author had already displayed deep knowledge of word power in her postings in whims & Wishes blog, here she exhibited her skill in writing rhymes.
I am sure that with this steadfast approach she will emarge as a good poet in future. My good wishes will always remain with her.

JAYATI said...

grat job!!!this would be really helpfull to all food lovers who love to cook but didnt know the recepies

Sharmistha Guha said...

@HR-Thanks again for your wonderful words...But poetry is definitely not my cup of tea and will never will be!!! ;)

@Jayati-Thanks...I am a food lover, i.e I LOVE to eat. But not too fond of cooking. But I guess the love for food takes over, I guess..

Rojas said...

Hi Sharmistha! I just came accross your blog and it looks fantastic, lovely recipes. Could I reach you somewhere in a private mail?


Unknown said...

Hi Sharmistha..Came accross your blog and loved it a lot..not only because of the recipes..but because of your unique way of presenting it so to make mouth water even before tasting in reality ..:) :)..Wish you all the best

Unknown said...

I came accross your blog as I was searching for some bengali cuisine blog..Loved it a lot not because of the recipes..but your unique way of presenting them make the mouth water even before tasting them..good luck..