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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sausages in a Sea of Colour

Stir fried Sausages with Colourful Bell Peppers, corn kernel & Baby OnionsFast to cook....great to eat!
That is exactly what this dish is all about.
My fridge always (well almost always!!) has stock of certain things. Permutation/combination of these, result in some kind of eatables in case of an emergency (Eg. in case of an otherwise empty fridge without any meat/fish/veggies). Of these emergency saviours, egg, sausages, sweet corn kernels, bell peppers (mostly the green capsicum), cheese, babycorn (AD so loves them that in case she isnt in the mood to eat, I just fry her some babycorns and like magic her plate is licked clean in a jiffy....well in most cases, at least!) are a few.

Today's dish is one which can be cooked up fast; can be eaten for dinner and packed as a tiffin for AD, can be used as sandwich filling, Spring roll filling or eaten as it is.
It is easy, fast, looks great and tastes fresh, crunchy and yummy!

So here goes the recipe....

Ingredients :-
-Chicken Sausages : 250gm
-Bellpeppers : I used green, yellow & red - 1 each
-Baby Onions : 3/4th bowl (Bowl size - 250ml)
-Freshly ground black pepper : 1 1/2 - 2 tsp
-Chilly flakes : 1 tsp (or as per preference)
-Corn kernels - 1 bowl
-butter : 25 gm

Procedure :-
1. Slice the sausages in thin discs
2. Cut the bell peppers in thin strips
3.Take the butter in a wok and after the butter melts, add the baby onions (whole)
4. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of pepper. Fry till translucent.
5. Add the sliced sausages. Stir fry on medium to high heat till it has browned. Sprinkle pepper, chilly flakes and stir again.
6. Add the thin strips of bell pepper. Stir fry on high heat but dont over cook. The bellpeppers need to retain their colour and crunchyness.
7. Add the bowl of corn kernel (I used frozen which I'd thawed and added raw. You can slightly fry the corn in butter if you want, or boil them in salt water)
7. With a final dash of pepper, chilly flakes and salt (if needed) and one final stir, take it off the flame. Ready to eat.

This recipe goes to the WEEKEND HERB BLOGGING #172 hosted for the week by Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska. The history of WEEKEND HERB BLOGGING is available here. The logo for the event is .....


Sucharita Sarkar said...

looks yum and sounds simple...have done it in other variations, will try it your way this weekend.

Anonymous said...

yummy!!! Sausages I really like!!!.. nice recipe.. kudos... pork sausages are also very tasty... no need of garnishing... eat fried sausages...

Sharmistha Guha said...

It really is simple....

@HR...Hmmm...I too LOVE fried sausages!

pradipwritenow said...

Try this jungle recipe.
Buy two earthen Flat dishes. Put a small whole chicken taking out the intestine and stich the cut portion at the back for taking out the intestine. You may put the liver part back into the cavity. Fill the cavity with some garam Masala and fried jeera-Dhaniaand salt to taste. Now put some oil inthe earthen dish.Put Chicken in one dish and cover it with another. Seal the joints of the dishes with eathen layer(Matti).Put it in the earthen oven and cover the dish from top to bottom and some layers on top with charcoal and light the Charcoal at top and Bottom. Wait for one hour the smell shall tell you the chicken is ready. Unseal the dish and i tell you this may be the tastiest chicken.

Sharmistha Guha said...

WOW!!! This sounds like a fantastic recipe..
But tell me what do I substitute an earthen oven with??
And the flavour an earthen oven & earthen vessels impart CANNOT be substituted by the electric tandoori gadgets!
I guess I have to wait for my next Kolkata visit and will ask ma to arrange the earthen oven ....But try i sure this recipe sounds GREAT!!