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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Confession Time

Pardon my audacious attempt at verse.
I never was a poetry person. (The name of the blog compelled me to rhyme out a few words and the outcome is for all to see.) But then again, for a person of my disposition, starting a food blog itself is an audacity!
To be very frank, this is an attempt to bring order to disorder.
Most of my cooking is impromptu, without any formal recipe. Sometimes they turn up fine but once in a while there is a lot to be desired tastewise! The major reason for these fluctuating tastes is the lack of a consistent recipe. When I follow a hurriedly jotted down recipe from Ma (in most cases) or a friend or cousin, the first attempt would be fine. But repeat value often diminishes, as during the next attempt the scrap of paper on which the recipe was jotted down would go missing!!! Moreover the improvisations and modifications made during each attempt (especially in case of a new dish) ends up giving different results ...which often are pleasant surprises and often not!! For example, once I started off intending to make Sandesh, but it ended up with a tasting good but definitely not like sandesh, more like Kalakaand!
Hence this blog is a personal need where I thought I'll collect all the known recipes, modifications/improvisations as I make them from time to time......
More than a mirror to my cooking skills (or lack of it), it's an online cookbook for my future reference!!
It'll be an added bonus if someone happens to bump into this cyber-cookbook of mine, share some of her/his recipes or feedback....
So Cook-a-doodle-do, let's see what we can do......


sanghamitra said...

hi didi,

amazing.....uv duna bravo job.....but if u can also add the chicken sausage dish..which u prepare often for brkfast with sweet corn onions....ufff....mouth is waterin..

SGD said...

Will do!
Have been lazy this weekend & didnt go grocery/fish/meat shopping!
So will put it up as soon as sausages are bought!!!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear SGD
Since I got this blog reference I tagged it and just reading my favorite dishes for quite some time and imagining the taste of your version. And was confused which one to start with. So I decided, I would not climb the tree from the top (Chhanar Jillipi) and start from here, up. Obviously I will climb the fish tree 1st, then sweet tree and will find a method, how to climb 2-3 trees simultaneously.
I was planning to make Chhana'r jilipi today ( your process) to give a surprise to my wife on Kali pujo day. But this is the "sweet flood" time, every body in neighborhood is flooding each other's house with Jillipl timing may be hazardous and may fetch a comment " Abar misti!!! and also it is on top of the tree.
I have lined up Tyangra dish followed by the MuDi Ghanto and as soon as I catch some good Tyangra at CR park market ( Delhi) I will start.

Kali-pujo and Diwali-r shubhechha and happy cooking

SGD said...

Thanks so much for visiting and tagging my blog!
amar baari o mishti'r bhaare kupokaat!! And my reaction to more mishti is exactly the same as your wife!! ...ABAR MISHTI!! ;))

So quite a wise decision on your part to change the course of action!

Apnakeo belated HAPPY DIWALI!
Keep visiting and giving feedback!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Thanks, I am climbing up the tree. AT CR park, fish are on fire, Bhai fota-r jonno..So will reach destination "tasty Tayngra" late.
Please read my Non-foodie blog Kumaon sojourn and rum stop,you will like it.
see you at respective dishes one by one.
Have a nice day