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Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Kitchen Masterpiece' - Om Ganeshay Namah!!

At the onset, I wish the wonderful world of Chitra Amma's Kitchen a very HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY! A novice in the world of blogging and a just-born in the world of food-blogging, what better beginning for me than participating in the Blog Event 'KITCHEN MASTERPIECE' hosted by Chitra Amma's Kitchen.

With a salute to our beloved Elephant Headed God - Lord Ganesha, I begin this Blog with an "Om Ganeshay Namah"!

And as my contrinution to the KITCHEN MASTERPIECE, my Work of Art with all edible products is Lord Ganesha himself!!!!!

Inspiration : The idea for the Ganesha came from a cute Ganesha my 3 year old daughter (AD) had made a few months back, with a lump of Atta dough. By an unspoken contract, she has to have her Sunday special Atta dough which I give her while kneading atta for roti/puri on sunday mornings. While organising my picture folder yesterday, I came across the photograph of her Ganeshji and coincidentally bumped into the Blog Event on Chitra Amma's Kitchen, the very same day.
#Turmeric(Haldi) powder
#Flour (Atta)
#Red lentil (Masur Dal)
#Pepper Corn
#Puffed husked rice (Khoi)
#Red-kidney bean (Rajma)
#A pinch of red chilli

THE MAKING OF GANESHA : Mixed the Haldi and Flour and kneaded into a soft dough. And shaped the Ganesha. The garnishings were as follows :

Eyes - Black Pepper Corn ;
Tusks- Khoi
Dhoti - Masur Dal
Headgear - Rajma
Tilak on the forehead - Redchilli paste The Lord with the headgear was my choice. But my inspirer-AD, hated it and named it the Devil Ganesh! So I had no choice but to remove the headgear!
Given above are pics of both the Ganeshas...with / without headgear!

Would love to hear from you to let me know YOUR choice!

1 comment:

HR said...

This a masterpiece. The ingredients used can be arranged, but unless you know how to give a shape with flour dough the attempt to make an image will be futile... 70% of the credit goes to the person who has given the shape..