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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simply Sunday!

Sunday lunches are normally elaborate affairs. Sunday starts off on a leisurely pace and by the time the fancier-than-normal breakfast (weekday breakfasts are usually boring affairs of cereals, smoothies, toasts or eggs!) session is over it's almost 11am. Then starts some special lunch menu with SD throwing in his suggestions which on Sundays are entertained and indulged.
Today was different. Yesterday night we watched a movie till 2 am and the late Sunday mornings became REALLY late! Hence breakfast was the normal lacklustre affair!
After two consecutive days of eating out, the stomach was begging for some relief and relaxation. So I decided to let this Sunday lunch be a simple affair! Less of spice and frills....just a simple Bong recipe of Mushurir Dal (Masoor dal), Alu Bhaja (Fried potato juliennes), Pabda Maachher Patla Jhol (Light Pabda fish curry) and Shaada Doi (Plain curd).
The squeaky clean plate of AD and the contented look on SD's face told me that the Simple Affair had been a healthy, wholesome and tasty hit!


Reflections said...

Looks yummy:-))!!!!!

I'm curious abt the alu bhaja...u made the potato really thin huh & cd u just list out the ingredients which goes into tht.

ummm...dumb question actually....u had all this with rice, right????

SGD said...

These finely sliced Alubhaja are really yummy very crispy & ideal to be had as a side dish with dal or just as a snack!
Just marinate the finely sliced potatoes in a pinch of haldi and salt for 5-10minutes. Then simply deep fried.
No other ingredient.
Yes we had everything with plain rice...glutton we are...on holidays, when eating at home it rice all the away 99% of the time:D :D
And it shows on the weighing scales!! ;((((

Reflections said...

I make another type of alu fry but this sounds good...& easy too. will def be trying it out.

LOL abt the weighing scales....but then it is the universal story of every Indian:-D

SGD said...

I'm all for easy recipes....dont have the patience for elaborate recipes!!!! :D
Do let me know your alu fry recipe...alu fry is an all time favourite with me....